[K-pop] D-unit's Ujin became the regular member!!!

Ujin's latest photo in Me2day(Korean version of twitter)
OMGGGGG very very good news here!
D-unit's preliminary member Ujin joins as a "regular member" from this album. For those who are not familiar with D-unit, or the group's system, it could sound weird. But...For D-unit and Ujin's fans, this news is incredibly joyful!
Okay, according to D-unit's company, D-Business, they have received a lot of mails requesting like "Please NEVER drop Ujin out of D-unit." So this seems one of the major reasons of the decision. Apart form that, She is beautiful and has a really charming character, not to mention her singing talent. So she is 120% eligible for the group!
One more news. Ujin is going to play the central role in this album. (actually I mentioned it before) so the title song "Luv me" was also produced for Ujin as the center.
Ujin's teaser image for this comeback "Luv me"
Okay, for guys who don't know the D-unit's system!
At first it was known that D-unit has a special member rotating system where they can add or take out members according to the style and concept of each album.
That's why the group's name is D-unit, which has the same initial "D" as the management company D-business. It means D-unit does the unit activities under the name of D-Business.
So, take it back to Ujin.
Sadly out of the first three members, - Ram, Ujin and Zin - only Ujin was the preliminary or temporary member, whereas the other two were the permanent members. We can tell this throughout one of their debut photos where only Ujin is wearing different colored clothes compared to the other members.
You see the differences?!
For this reason, sometimes it was heartbreaking seeing Ujin smiling or performing hard. However, luckily the company granted our wish!
For now, I just want them to stick to the current members. They are already very cohesive as a group and their voice colors are really well mixed in the songs.
Go D-unit!!
Below is Goddess Ujin!! HAHAHA
D-unit Ujin : ID Photo!


[K-pop] Song crush : Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen!!!

 K-pop idol Crayon pop
OMG, Today, I watched the Music Bank, and the opening act was really shocking!
What I saw was this weird looking 5 girls doing dances to the disco rhythm in orange sweatsuits! I was literally speechless for a while.....HAHAHA
  K-pop idol Crayon pop
Then I began to search for them. The group was "crayon pop," which I didn't know at the moment. They debuted with the song 'Saturday night' in July of this year. 'Saturday night' was also disco type's song. And this time, they came out with this digital single "Dancing queen."
Okay back to the stage.
At first, I was a little bit embarrassed about their outfits. This GIRL GROUP was wearing this weird orange colored sweatsuits! So much stuffs there captured my attention. I didn't even know how the time passed throughout the performance.
I don't know if it's because of PSY's taking off globally, some singers in K-pop industry are coming out with some funny concept nowadays. and "crayon pop" is one of them, I think. To my surprise, one of the Crayon pop's producers used to be in a group that Psy produced before.
Personally, they seem to make it capturing people's attention. It's really hilarious but pretty much well-made. Their song, outfit and dance moves are really fun to watch. And when you go into the song, those three elements are well mixed with each other.
  K-pop idol Crayon pop - Dancing queen
Let's see the three factors that captured me and how they are related.
First, I liked their disco typed song. The song is quite catchy. the genre is disco. Where can we usually hear this sound? yeah, it's club. the song's name is also "dancing queen."
Second, I loved their dance. What I noticed about their dance is that we can see this kind of moves in KOREAN CLUB!
I used to a club freak!! I still love it though. Anyhow, their dances are often seen in korean clubs. Usually girls do those moves. Yeah it looks funny, but at the same time cute and feel like you want to follow them.
Third, their outfit. sweatsuit...as a girl group. Yeah I was quite speechless at first I saw it. but I could realized that it was so fit with the lyrics!
It's about a girl dancing alone in the moonlight on Friday night.
Yeah, she has nothing to do during the weekend and no one contacts her. She is bored to die at this Friday night. she may be eager to go to club now!! but she can't..because she has nobody to go with. so She dances alone in the moonlight! How funny is it! and everythig they came out with is to do with this lyrics. She is all alone at home so she is wearing this casual clothes and do those club dances alone in the moonlight!
Overall, they were fantastically hilarious with those sweatsuits.
I give props to them when it comes to the outfit! They break out one of the gril group's regular molds...cute or sexy outfits...
I'm going to keep on watching "crayon pop!!"
Watch the clip!


[K-pop - I'm a singer2] Sistar "Alone" jaw-dropping rock version by Guckkasten(국카스텐)

I'm a singer
Korean rock band, Guckkasten(국카스텐)
Do you know the Korean singing competition program "I'm a singer (나는 가수다)"? Basically in the program, Korean professional singers come out and compete against each other. Singers choose one random song that they want to sing and cover it.
Recently, I was just blown away listening to Sistar's(씨스타) "Alone(나혼자)" covered by Korean rock band, Guckkasten(국카스텐). The stage was....just dope..literally jaw-dropping performance!!!
It's a little bit exceptional for those rock bands to cover the k-pop girl group's song. At an interview prior to the stage, Ha HyunWoo(하현우), the lead singer of Guckkasten(국카스텐), talked about why they chose this song for the stage.
He said he normally doesn't listen to dance musics often, but when he got to listen to Sistar's(씨스타) "Alone(나혼자)," he liked the whistle sound in the song and he was fascinated by the melody. So, he thought like, 'let's turn it into the rock version!'

And.. it seems like it worked out soooo perfectly. We were speechless in surprise.
His high note is just amazing and gives me goosebumps.
In this episode, Guckkasten(국카스텐) got the first place beating out Sinawi(시나위) who sang the rock version of Psy's Gangnam style(강남스타일). That was great as well, but "Alone(나혼자)" was too powerful! 
After it was aired, Bora(보라) from Sistar mentioned about Guckkasten(국카스텐)'s stage on Twitter, saying "Wow, I got goosebupms by Guckkasten(국카스텐)'s Alone!! Thank you for covering the song and congratulate for hitting the number one!"

* Here's the amazing performance!!!
Guckkasten(국카스텐) - Alone(나혼자)
(Original song by K-pop girl group 'Sistar')



[K-pop] D-unit comeback with "Luv me" on November 7th!!

Hello guys...Oh.....my..Gosh....
Today... around noon, a new article about D-unit was released. It seems like D-unit's company D-business handed out the press release. I was literally so thrilled seeing it. So I translated those articles with the full of joy.Here's the English translation of the articles.

Women trio "D-unit" is coming back with new album on November 7th.
D-unit, who released a full-length album as a debut album, they will perform their second album activity after the first album, "Welcome to Business" released on August.

Their new song "Luv me" is a genre of a song mixing rock with hiphop. D-unit is going to show more powerful beats and vocals than the debut song, "I'm missing you." This album's concept is the extension of "I'm missing you," They worked on it making a difference from the existing idol groups.

While D-unit was performing with "I'm missing you," leader Ram was the center of the team, In this album, they are going to perform with Ujin as a center. So, When they were working on "Luv me," Ujin's thoughts and colors were reflected in it as much as possible. As a result, Ujin's attraction is well revealed in the song.

Before the release of new album, now D-unit has done filming a music video, and teaser clip of the second album is going to be shown on November 1th.

I'm just so excited about it. Especially according to the press release, their next album's feeling would be similar to the first album, but become more stronger than before. You know, that's what I exactly wanted to see from them!! I'm soooo curious what their stage performance would be like!!
And, Ujin is going to be the center of this activity, that's one more point of this album. just can't wait to see them now.....!!!


[K-pop] D-unit interview (English translation)

K-pop girl group - D-unit
Heollo, this is Johnny, today I translated D-unit's korean interiview.
I think It was filmed around late August. Enjoy!

Q. How did the D-unit get formed? (00:50)

Ram : I've been a trainee for 2 years in the current company, and at a total I went through 5~6 years of training. The current president saw me when I was practicing in another company, and remembered me. Later on after he established this company, he contacted me and cast me in person. So that's how I got in the team.

Zin : In my case, at the night when Ram auditioned for it, I came here for the audition. So I got the audition on the day, and I had practiced for about 2years as Ram did. I remember having hard times because I took up the dance lessons for the first time after I joined the team.
Originally, I wanted to be a vocal trainer, rather than a singer, but somehow I thought vocal trainers don't have sort of a sticked road, so I thought like "how about being a singer then?" So I decided to be a singer.

Ujin : For me, being a singer was my dream since the elementary school days. I firmly made up my mind to be a singer when I first saw "BOA." So I started off as a trainee and had practiced for about two and a half years. And then I got to be in this company and practiced as a member of D-unit for 18 months. Yeah, I'm the last to join D-unit.

Q : Was "I'm missing you" originally Bigbang's song? (02:47)

Zin : Yeah, our title "I'm missing you" was made by YG producer 'Kush.' According to him, Formerly, Bigbang was about to get this song. So we thought a lot about how we could show this song's feeling well like Bigbang did well. Yeah, We got a hard time making it.

Q : the introduction of title "I'm missing you"? (03:13)
Zin : Kush composed it as a trendy hiphop feeling. It has so sad lyrics, but we show very powerful performance on stage. (Looking at Ram) Can we...show some of it? and we have this dance that we're pushing these days called "Africa-hanging-out-the-wash-dance(아프리카 빨래널기 춤)" Shortly, "A-BBal-Chum(아빨춤)"
(Showing the dance) HAHAHAHAHAHA

Q : D-unit's distinctive feature? (04:17)
Zin : We think we have our own twisting charms. Apparently, we look strong with this makeup but when we remove our makeup, we sometimes look cute. Our surface is cute, but on stage we are very powerful and charismatic. We have this twisting charm.
And all of our members have blood type B, so we are all easygoing and tomboyish.

Q : Who do you think is rival out of other girl groups? (04:45)
We don't think we've seen girl groups similar to our style. From time to time, we see girl groups in casual shoes(sneakers), not in heels... how can I say..hmm we have a lot of footworks on stage, motions are very big and constantly moving. We think this kind of manly(tomboyish) groups are only us. Also that's what we heard. So, we don't think we have a rival.

Q : What do you think about people's comparison with 2NE1? (05:15)
Ram : Many of our staff are from YG entertainment, so that's why we've heard this kind of comparison often. In that sense, even if we don't like it, inevitably we are not free from hearing it. HOWEVER, we are surely different. Those who have seen our stage would know what I'm saying. In terms of songs, you might feel the similarity, but performance-wise, we think, two groups are very contrasting.

Q. Would you like to launch an acting career? (06:15)
Ram : As for Ujin, her looks is beautiful, and also she's been showing the desire for acting in her own tongue. MAYBE, in our team, Ujin will start it first and then the rest of us will try to follow it little by little. And we would like to work not only in acting, but also work in various fields, not to mention variety shows.

---- Zin's talent show. Imitating Hyun Sook's (현숙)(Korean teuroteu singer) voice. ------

Ram : Here, our youngest have something to show you guys, which she does everywhere. Ah..It's a bit difficult to look at....today, in order to show it to viewers out there...We've prepared it!

Zin : Yeah..I'm taking the microphone, I'll explain it first. What I'm going to do is 'following my friend's imitation of Hyun Sook.' HAHAHA

(to Ram)Could you...cover my eyes?? HAHAHAHAHA cause I'm a bit Shy... HAHAHAHA
-Imitation - Woo~~~!! Yeah!!

Ram : Wow, It's was like we were really seeing Hyun Sook! like a doppelganger!

Q : Aim? (08:05)
Zin : What we want to hear is, when the D-unit is mentioned, people respond to it like, "Ah, They are very talented group, not just a typical idol group. And We'd like to get recognized internationally.
This year, we''' focus on letting people know who D-unit is and what our songs are.

[K-pop song recommendation] Jaurim(자우림) - 17171771 (English translation)

Hello, this is Johnny. Today I have a  K-pop song recommendation for you guys.
I highly recommend this song, Jaurim's(자우림) 17171771. this song is in Jaurim's 5th album, "All You Need Is Love." This song is just sooooo sweet, and makes you feel happy and calm!

Before going into the song, Do you know the meaning of "17171771"?
It means "I Love You." Actually it's like a code-breaking. So see how it becomes the words.

Let's turn the numbers "17171771" a 180-degree, and then it becomes like this "ILLILILI"
and here, make some blanks between some words. It goes like this. "I L LI LI LI"
Now, it becomes. "I LUV U" Got it?!

Briefly, This is how "17171771" turns into "I LUV U"
17171771 -> ILLILILI -> I LLILI LI -> "I LUV U"

Yeah, this is a very sweet love song with cute lyrics and Kim Yuna‘s(김윤아) angelic voice.
Here's my english translation of the lyrics

K-pop : Band Jaurim

Jaunrim(자우림) - 17171771

Like an angel's smile,
Like birds' singing,
I like this much adorable you.
Come right to me,
stay with me forever.
When we are together,
I'm not afraid of anything.
The only one in the world, You.
Maybe I wan born in this world to meet you.
We might have loved each other in an unknown faraway star. 
Like sunshine in May,
Like the sky in October,
I like you unbearably.
Come right to me,
You feel it too,
that the sorrow has already gone away.
Sometimes at night in a heavy storm,
when devils from a star try to separate us,
Just sitting face to face quietly,
holding each other's hands,
we think of a sweet paradise.
The wind has faded away,
black clouds has disappeared,
Sunshine is smiling warmly.
When we are together,
I'm not afraid of anything,
devils, hell, and dark fate.
Like a baby's skin,
Like a little girl's scent,
I like you unbearably.
Come right to me.
We know it all,
that we were born for each other.
Like an angel's smile,
like birds' singing,
I like this much adorable you...
* Jaurim(자우림) - 17171771 LIVE


[K-pop - SuperStar K4] TOP12 : Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) - "It's Art" by psy

As usual, We have "superstar k4" coming out this year and getting spotlight every week. It's basically Korean version of "American Idol," Now Top12 got chosen, and last week(2012-10-12) they competed at the first live show.

Of the candidates, I think, Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성), is the best vocalist as well as the most experienced one. He was already appreciated well in online, since he's been singing as an online singer. so he also has some fanbase. But, he didn't get the chance to be a major singer. I guess this show set up the foothold for it, because his vocal is just amazing and his voice color is something that koreans love so much! It's Korean style! Especially his vocal stands out when he sings ballads. which reminds me of someone, who is the winner of "SuperStar K2," HuhGak(허각). They have some similarities.

So I think Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) is one of the prospective winner of this season. He's very well prepared and has a lot to show. What's left for him is just show off his talent and blow us away!

At the first live show of TOP12, He sang globally emerging star, Psy's song called "It's Art(예술이야)." This episode's subject was "first love," and He chose this song for his wife. The lyrics is expressing a guy's infinite love for his lover. Basically saying,"This moment, being you and I together, is Art."  Yeah "It's Art" was dedicated to his wife.

In the beginning of the song, He comes up out of the stage's floor, and then He shouts as pointing at his wife in the audience seat. That scene just gave me goosebumps, at the same time, got me teary-eyed without proper reason. Camera was shooting her throughout the show, her eyes were watery and because of the show's meaning, it was twice as impressive. It was a great stage with great lyrics and the story behind the song, and not to mention his fabulous singing. He sang it genuinely at heart.

He made it delivering a knock-out punch to the public, and it will continue throughout the rest of "Superster K4" He's definitely eligible for the public's love. Wish him all the luck!

* Sadly, I couldn't find out his "It's Art" clip. Only found out audio file.

* When Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) was singing in online.

* SuperStar K4 Rival match : Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) & Hong Dae Kwang(홍대광) - Jasmin(말리꽃)


[K-pop] Comeback D-unit!! Guess what would it be like?!

Surprise!! D-unit's new photograph is shown today. It seems to be their next album's jacket. Here we see the words "Luv me" in red color with black background. And 4 sword are crossed each other in 4 directions like 'X' around the words "Luv me." On top of that, D-Business left a comment saying, "D-UNIT "Luv me' 2012-11-07." From this, we could guess that the date of D-unit's comeback is going to be on November 7th!

D-unit's official blog : http://dbusinessent.tumblr.com/

We can also catch some glimpses of their next album.
Earlier, D-unit showed new profile pictures of them. It's very different from before, which is dark, powerful female-hiphop-warrior feeling. Whereas, their latest photos are very contrasting. they appear to turn into more of girly concept here. Being more feminine.
So from the words "Luv me" and their latest photos, we can extract some thought about the concept of D-unit's next album.

D-unit's new profile images, emphsizing the femininity
Briefly, I think they'll be coming back with some extent of feminine aspects
At first sight, D-unit's overall feeling toward next album is likely to be "girls". The words "Luv me" could be either their title song or next album's title. Or Both. 
You know, Fall has come around, It's becoming more and more chilly nowadays. In that way, I guess The title song(maybe "Luv me") would be sort of up-tempo electro hiphop with a ballad flavor. the lyrics might be about a girl getting a crush on a guy. Furthermore, they may put some warm and melting R&B ballads in the album.
However, considering the swords in the new picture, they seem to keep up some extent of strong image. Also, they will still stick to the sneakers so that they could show their powerful dance.
I know D-unit is the team who can show us a lot. I personally want them to stick to the hiphop warrior style for a while. But, for sure, in this comeback they may show us a different aspect of them. 
My ideal scenario for this coming album is like this.
They make a comeback with a powerful style's song first and then try out the girly concept as a follow-up song like B.A.P did. I think it did work out so well for them. When I watched B.A.P's bright concept, It was pretty much new and fresh.

Yeah I have a huge expectation of this album!!!!
What do you think about this? Leave comments and share the ideas!

[K-pop - I'm a singer2] YounHa(윤하) - Distance from the future(먼훗날에)

Hey guys, Here's my K-pop news today.

There's a song stuck in my head recently, especially at night times.
You know what these times are like. Quiet and moody kind of feeling.

Aanyway, I guess I became K-pop singer Younha's(윤하) fan due to this song which she covered at a program, "I am a singer2(나는 가수다)".  She covered "Distance from the future(먼훗날에)" originally sung by Park Jung Woon(박정운) in the early 90's. I think I've watched it over 30 times.

Her voice here has power to attract people's attention. When I first watched it, I was having dinner.From the begining of it, literally I stopped eating and just watched it until the end.

The way she lets out her emotion is just so appealing to me.
It's plain but not bored with listening to it over and over again.

She puts her true emotion in every single word and it just perfectly worked out. Soooo touching!!

At the peak of the song, felt like some impressive tsunami rushed into my mind. Shockingly touched.
It's a shame that she wasn't as popular as she could be. She definitely deserves much more recognition.

* YounHa(윤하) - Distance from the future(먼훗날에)

* Here's the Orriginal song.


[K-pop] introduction of D-unit, I think...D-unit deserves be a rookie of the year!

Hey this is Johnny. these days, especially this year, we have a lot of new k-pop singers coming out. So I began to wonder who is going to win the Rookie of this year's award.

Yeah, if you chose this year's lookie in K-pop in advance, who would you pick? For me, I would say, without hesitation, that D-unit is the best new girl group of this year. D-unit is a girl group consisting of 3 members - leader Ram, Ujin and Zin. -

I think they were already bringing a little spotlight before their debut. That's because of each member's background or former career.

Ujin was a former trainee of YG entertainment. If I'm not mistaken, she was a prospective member of YG's new girl group. But, she thought the group's concept was a bit different from what she pursues, and even somehow their debut was delayed. She was the oldest of the team, so she kind of felt pressure as a leader. For these reasons, she dropped out of YG. Then she auditioned for the current company and became the last member of D-unit.

Ram is rather well-known as a daughter of 80's famous korean singer, Jeon YoungRok(전영록), or younger sister of T-ARA's Boram. So she felt kind of burden even before the debut, because of her family's fame. I guess, she is very talented. when you listen to D-unit's album, you'd be captured by Ram's fascinating voice. She's got a great vocals, which I think is unique, and she can even write songs by herself. Actually she joined 4 song's making In this album. - Crush, Before the weekend comes(주말이 오기 전에), Oversleeping(늦잠) and Anniversary(기념일) -
She dances very well too. It's said that she can copy any dances easily. Overall She's the most talented member and I think She inherited it from his father.

Zin is sort of a normal member compared to the two. She originally wanted to be a vocal trainer, but she felt that this career doesn't have an exact road. so she took the singer route instead of it. What's good is, compared to other members, she doesn't have much pressure about ppl's expectation or sth like that.

Surprisingly, as a debut group, they released a full-length album containing 9 songs in it. Normally new groups come out with a digital single. In this respect, their first step is very exceptional and we could see their confidence in music.

from the left, Ujin,  Ram,  Zin
This album's title song is "I'm missing you." This is an up-beat electronic style's song, but has sad lyrics. the whole melody is great, and the hook is very catchy. I bet 'baby I'm missing you~' this part will be going through in your head after listening to the song! Furthermore, what captured my attention was their performance on stage. As I first watched it, I got hooked on it at first sight. It's just so cool and dope! I was like 'Gosh what is it? So cool...how can the girl group do this hard style's dance?!' No other k-pop group dances like that with this up-tempo song!

You know, those moves are pretty much hard especially as women. They even sings very well. All the 3 members sing well and their vocal colors are similar, so they mixes well in the songs. but they still have their own colors as well.
Not to mention, their live is so good too. they can sing like a CD doing this hard performance on stage.

So overall, D-unit is very talented, well prepared group. they can sing, dance well. their music style is unique in K-pop field. You must keep your eyes on D-unit, they'll be a HUGE group!

[K-pop] Song crush : G-dragon(GD) - Missing you (ft. KimYuna(김윤아) of Jaurim)

Hey, this is Johnny. Today my K-pop news.

I got crushed on this song currently!
Especially, I'm a fan of KimYuna(김윤아), the vocal of a Band "Jaurim(자우림)"
when I got to listen to this song, From the beginning, I felt like 'Yeah, This is gonna be perfect fit for her!' and like ' GD, nice shot... It was fabulost to choose Yuna kim for featuring!!'

Love Yuna kim. Her voice is so fascinating to listen to.
I can imagine her singing this song under a dim light...in a live cafe.

I think the song in the link sounds a bit slower that the original, maybe due to copyright..
anyway you will definitely fall in love with this song....especillay in this fall!!

ps. GD performed this on 'YuHeeYoul's Sketchbook.' and It's gonna be on air this coming Friday or next week. so excited. sadly, Minzy from 2NE1 sang along with him. (I wanted Yuna Kim T-T)

* missing you audio

* GD missing you live with Rydia (maybe a trainee in YG)

* GD missing you live  at 'YuHeeYoul's Sketchbook.(유희열의 스케치북)' (ft. Minzy(민지)  from 2NE1)
Actually...this show just gives me the fever of missing you stage with KimYuna(김윤아)...
Minzy(민지) is also a verry good singer though,
No one can sound like her..Her feeling and emotion and voice color...everything jus so fit this song!!

Got into new K-pop girl group "D-unit"

These days I got into this group, D-unit, consiting of  3members.
They made their first debut with title "I'm missing you" on August 2th.
Their music is pretty much based on hiphop, not like many other k-pop girl groups which are usually girly, or cute concept.

Debut song "I'm missing you" has a trendy electronic beat that pumps you up, but the lyrics is sad.
What is more, I love their dance moves here! check it out!
they released two version of MV for "I'm missing you."

Here is the dance version of D-unit.
I'm gonna post up abot them on a regurar basis.
So..let's keep our eyes on them. They are going to be a huge group!


Hmm..anyhow I made this blog.
But the thing is, I can't get the exact feeling of how to handle this.
Blogspot's system is pretty much different from existing korean blogs such as Daum, Naver etc.

Big problem is, I wanna categorize each menus so that I can post up things according to each menu.

But, seems like there's no such function here.
Gosh...I'm in CHOAS now...


Mobile writing.

I'm accessing here via mobile.
It's gonna take time to adjust to it.

Start line.

Hello. This is Johnny Choi, from South Korea.
Actually Johnny is sort of my nickname. I have my real name, which is a bit difficult to pronounce, so I just enjoy using this one. HaHa

Of course, my first language is Korean, but I like writing things in English, and wanted to share my ideas or opinions with ppl from the world. I was thinking of this kind of place to share my ideas, and finally I decided to make this blog.
I guess my main subject would be K-pop. plus, I would post many things related to Korea and my personal ideas or daily life haha.
Anyhow, I'm just excited to fill this place with my writings.
Join me here and enjoy together!