[K-pop] introduction of D-unit, I think...D-unit deserves be a rookie of the year!

Hey this is Johnny. these days, especially this year, we have a lot of new k-pop singers coming out. So I began to wonder who is going to win the Rookie of this year's award.

Yeah, if you chose this year's lookie in K-pop in advance, who would you pick? For me, I would say, without hesitation, that D-unit is the best new girl group of this year. D-unit is a girl group consisting of 3 members - leader Ram, Ujin and Zin. -

I think they were already bringing a little spotlight before their debut. That's because of each member's background or former career.

Ujin was a former trainee of YG entertainment. If I'm not mistaken, she was a prospective member of YG's new girl group. But, she thought the group's concept was a bit different from what she pursues, and even somehow their debut was delayed. She was the oldest of the team, so she kind of felt pressure as a leader. For these reasons, she dropped out of YG. Then she auditioned for the current company and became the last member of D-unit.

Ram is rather well-known as a daughter of 80's famous korean singer, Jeon YoungRok(전영록), or younger sister of T-ARA's Boram. So she felt kind of burden even before the debut, because of her family's fame. I guess, she is very talented. when you listen to D-unit's album, you'd be captured by Ram's fascinating voice. She's got a great vocals, which I think is unique, and she can even write songs by herself. Actually she joined 4 song's making In this album. - Crush, Before the weekend comes(주말이 오기 전에), Oversleeping(늦잠) and Anniversary(기념일) -
She dances very well too. It's said that she can copy any dances easily. Overall She's the most talented member and I think She inherited it from his father.

Zin is sort of a normal member compared to the two. She originally wanted to be a vocal trainer, but she felt that this career doesn't have an exact road. so she took the singer route instead of it. What's good is, compared to other members, she doesn't have much pressure about ppl's expectation or sth like that.

Surprisingly, as a debut group, they released a full-length album containing 9 songs in it. Normally new groups come out with a digital single. In this respect, their first step is very exceptional and we could see their confidence in music.

from the left, Ujin,  Ram,  Zin
This album's title song is "I'm missing you." This is an up-beat electronic style's song, but has sad lyrics. the whole melody is great, and the hook is very catchy. I bet 'baby I'm missing you~' this part will be going through in your head after listening to the song! Furthermore, what captured my attention was their performance on stage. As I first watched it, I got hooked on it at first sight. It's just so cool and dope! I was like 'Gosh what is it? So cool...how can the girl group do this hard style's dance?!' No other k-pop group dances like that with this up-tempo song!

You know, those moves are pretty much hard especially as women. They even sings very well. All the 3 members sing well and their vocal colors are similar, so they mixes well in the songs. but they still have their own colors as well.
Not to mention, their live is so good too. they can sing like a CD doing this hard performance on stage.

So overall, D-unit is very talented, well prepared group. they can sing, dance well. their music style is unique in K-pop field. You must keep your eyes on D-unit, they'll be a HUGE group!

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