[K-pop] Zico(Block B) & D-unit collaboration?!

Hello, today I want to talk about an interesting topic about k-pop idol D-unit and Bock B
On Nov. 13, K-pop idol D-unit's twitter, D-Business uploaded one picture.
It's a picture of Zico from Block B and Ujin.
It was taken at the music show "Show champion"
and it also says "We Got Some Hot Sh*t coming soon!!!"
Zico from Block B & Ujin from D-unit
prior to this picture, we can find another picture of them.
On Oct. 13, D-Business put on a picture of Zico and Zin from D-unit.
So we can assume they are doing somethjing together.
I guess Zico featured on D-unit's new song.
Zico is very talented rapper who was well known in underground hiphop scene before debuting.
D-unit and Block B both pursue hiphop based music, so they are fit well.
I'm very looking forward to seeing it!
Zin from D-unit & Zico from Block B


[Luv me] producer 'The Brave Brothers' gives D-unit one million won celebrating 100th day of debut

K-pop idol - D-unit
Nov. 10th was 100th day of D-unit's debut
Here's the translation of an article about this!
- -
Celebrating 100th day, K-pop idol D-unit was given a special present from "The Brave Brothers" Marking the number 100, he gave one million won to the members.
D-unit's company staff said, "The Brave Brothers takes care of D-unit a lot. He likes them because they are so talented, he is also very intimate with DM, D-unit's producer, so he cherishes D-unit like his company's singers.
"The Brave Brothers" also presented a packed lunch reaching millions of won to D-unit on the filming spot of "I'm missing you" music video.
On this day the producer "SinSadong Horaengi" being on the same spot with them, made all of them laugh saying, "I don't have cash in my wallet at the moment. I will buy D-unit more expensive present later."
- -

D-unit Ujin left comment about this with a picture.
D-unit Ujin
Helloooo this is Ujin~~!!^_^ “The Brave brothers" PD gave us as much as one million won celebrating our 100th day of our debut!!!! as an allowance!!!~~~!!! TTTT Thank him very much for always being nice to us and buying delicious things a lot~~~!!♥♥♥


[Luv me] D-unit interview "This is the last as a trio" (member changing system)

D-unit - Ujin is the main member in "Luv me" (picture source by sportschosun)
Hey, this is Johnny.
Today I translated an article about K-pop idol D-unit. It's mainly about how Ram became a singer, D-unit's member rotating system and D-unit's goal. Here we need to pay attention to the second one, 'member rotating system.'
Even though D-unit's Ujin became the regular member this time, it seems like "Luv me" album would be the last as the lineup of current members. As you D-unit fans already know, D-unit has a special member changing system where there's changes in the number of members according to the concept of the album. D-Business, D-unit's company made sure that the current formation(Ram, Ujin, Zin) is over this time, and next time they come back, they would add or drop the members. It can be four members, duet or even solo, the formation is infinite.
So read below.
- - - - -
Trio hiphop girl group D-unit came back with "Luv me." Taking control of the stage with powerful performance and charisma in spite of having small bodies, D-unit revealed the confidence saying, "We are stronger this time. people will be able to exactly feel our color."
D-unit - Serious mode
▶ Ram "Being in an entertainer family, I didn't have interest in the entertainment field."
Member Ram brought a spotlight even before the debut as a younger sister of Boram from T-Ara, and a daughter of Jeon Youngrok and Lee Miyoung. Seeing parents and Boram going through hard times due to such as lots of rumors right next to them, Ram could have felt a negative view about the entertainment business. Ram confessed that she didn't have interest toward the entertainment field at first. She said, "I wondered why people keep on being there even hearing such bad things. Ram's parents's principle was do what you want to do. After realizing that my talent is in the entertainment field, my parents said that they had expected that I would debut earlier than Boram. But Ram explained that she liked to do band music freely like in HongDae areas rather than appearing on TV.
Even thought Ram is a free soul, as reaching in her mid-20s, she couldn't overlook practical problems. It was difficult to make money with indie music. Ram smiled saying, "I promised mom not to have her worry about me anymore. I'm not an ordinary style, and I've been dancing and singing since I was young, so I didn't have any aversion. Rather than regretting that I debuted, I just want to be successful as soon as possible, but yet at the same time I miss those things where I freely do what I want to do and write songs. It's like nostalgia."
D-unit - alarmed mode
▶ Survival system even after debut, "Frankly it's a burden."
D-unit's member lineup is quite changeable. Ujin got changed as a main member this time, whereas Ram was the main member last time. "We can change the main member according to the concept of the album." they explained. But what is more noticeable is the team system where a new member can join the team anytime but at the same time, the current members can also drop out of the team. Ram said, "It can be a duet or a solo. The team formation is infinite. The intention was to encourage the development competing each other. Our president always says, "You guys have to do your best if you don't want to be 'the has-been member' of D-unit." We are concerned about this, and when thinking about it, it's somehow bitter.
Ujin confessed, "I hope the original members are fixed because being a team means going together. Many foreign fans also say that they hope D-unit remains as the current members. However We are concerned because the president said that 'this would be the last as trio.'
D-unit - Can't we really see this combination of three anymore?!
▶ We'll be one of a kind
D-unit released "Luv me" on 7th. "Luv me" is a mixing genre of hiphop and rock, co-made by Rain's producer C-Luv and a producer DM who is the former member of YMGA from YG. With the strong beat, this song describes an imposing woman saying 'You will love me.' D-unit brought up an unique concept again to express a strong figure of woman. They brought a powerful choreography which even caused the inflammation in the neck and the ligament. they also added charisma with some details of accessories. Especially the tattoo wristlet(Sleeve Cover) is not easily seen in other K-pop girl groups.
“Because we are a hiphop based group, so we do boy dances and the moves are all big. We think this is the point where we are different from other girl groups. Three of us all like hiphop, and also we are all easygoing, so this concept is fit well." D-unit said.
D-unit's goal is becoming an exclusive group. Zin said, "We want to be a group that has a color, like when D-unit is mentioned, a certain image comes up. We want to be an exclusive group where juniors are not ashamed to be called the second D-unit.
- - - -
Yeah...up to there....
It's quite bitter huh..?!
So we can't help but see the changed D-unit. I really hope the original members remain unchanged!
Like Ujin said, what does being a group mean?! Going together! they have this bond already, and their personalities are really fit each other. Yeah they are very cohesive enough!!

So...Guys...Do we have to accept it?!
If We keep on asking DM(The CEO and producer of D-unit) not to change members, does he accept our request like Ujin's case?!!! DM Please don't do that man!!


[Scandal] Private photo of IU and EunHyuk from super junior (My opinion)

Now, many of IU fans are in shock because of one picture uploaded on IU's twitter, but soon deleted.
IU and Eunhyuk 
Around 5 o'clock early in the morning, one shocking article was on the Naver, the most famous search engine in Korea. and It just spreaded out rapidly and wildly.
It was the picture of IU and Eunhyuk from Super Junior taken together.
The article says, "A questionable picture was uploaded on IU's twitter account. In the picture, we see a woman in nightdress who seems like IU, and a man with heavy eyes and half naked who seems like Eunhyuk from Super Junior."
IU's entertainment company explained about this article and picture like "When IU was sick this summer, Eunhyuk visited IU's house and then they took the photo on a sofa together. And The picture was uploaed by mistake while IU was writing on the twitter."
However, we still have lots of doubts. IU is wearing a nightgown and Eunhyuck is not wearing the top. His eyes look heavy with something..

There has been a rumor that IU and Eunhyuk are in inrelationship because netizens captured that thay have same passport cover and in 2010, Eunhyuk wrote something for IU indirectly on "Cyworld main page" (Korean version of Facebook)
And it seems to be true, thinking about Seven and Park Hanbyeol's case.

IU recently appeared on "Go Show" in Korea, She got asked that if she has kind of complaints of the current cute image. Her answer was like this, "I kind of have a burden...someday I think I should dissapoint my fans lol..."(This became the reality.....)

Like this, their past remarks are being on internet with this issue.

IU and Eunhyuk (White balance adjusting)

Yeah, they are both grown up, so it's okay to have some relationships or something like that.
But Korean society is not that generous about those topics..
Times are changing, and Korea is not as conservative as before, but still touching upon the topics of sex is a bit sensitive.

I don't know how big the influence would be to both IU and Eunhyuk. Actually people don't really mention Eunhyuk. The focus is seemingly focused on IU. She's been building up these "little sister," "Koreans sweetheart" images throughout TV. But because of this one picture, many of IU fans are literally in shock...including what's called "Uncle fans" (a bit elderly fans)
whatever is true, IU's good images will get damaged a lot.

The funny thing is, I don't know if he was afraid of lawsuit, the writer described them using "seems like~" and the writer is a sportswriter, not an entertainment field.
Some korean netizens assume that the writer caught this exclusive news while he was awake to see and write article about korean baseball star "Ryu hyun jin" because there's talk about him going to major league in the U.S. However, luckly for him...he got this exclusive one....

Along with this incident, this saying is becoming the talk too.
United's manager, Sir Alex Ferguson said.
Twitter is a waste of time. We can do much more in our lives. You'd rather read books.
So, what do you guys think about this?


Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen : Pay attention to the music core stage!

K-pop idol - Crayon pop at Myeongdong guerrilla
Crayon pop made it arranging music shows schedules!!
They are appearing on Music Core on this coming Saturday.(11. 10) 
Crayon pop gave notice of the stage on tweeter yesterday. It seems like a staff member's comment.
It says, "Look forward to Crayon pop's Shocking concept of "Dancing Queen" stage on Music core^^ It would be an unprecedented concept ever, and It won't probably exist even in the future^^"

So, I left a comment like this, "What's that? I'm so curious to know! Is it more than the 'Melona' training clothes?!" (Melona - melon colored ice cream bar brand in Korea)
Crayon Pop "Gangnam Style" at Myeongdong guerrilla gig!
And hours later, they answer to it. "Cmon...It's no match for that....."

Wow...so, It seems like they would wear something that we never come up with?!
Whatever we imagine, it would be beyond our imagination?!
I don't know what it would be like... just Getting excited!
Just count D-Hours!!

<Crayon Pop's schedule>
Looking at Crayon Pop's schedule,
This week's Music Bank(11. 09) and Inki Gayo(11. 11) are arranged, but it says "not yet firmly decided."
Music core(11. 10) and next week's Music bank(11. 16) are firmly decided.
Crayon Pop, Let's blow away!


[K-pop] D-unit "Luv me" MV review

K-pop idol - D-unit  Ujin
K-pop group D-unit's new song "Luv me" was finally released! 
Did I have a huge expectation?! Actually it didn't exceed my expectation.
First, song-wise, when I first listened to "Luv me," actually nothing special remains in my head. I guess it should've add more catchy melody. The song itself, The hook part is a bit weak.  However when I listened to it several more times, I thought it was good, but still I have doubt if it can appeal to people. In addition, D-unit said that the song is an extension of "I'm missing you," the dark and strong concept? or the lyrics? maybe it's similar in style.
Overall, "Luv me," the song is not bad, it's good, but it doesn't have a strong hook in it.
 Vampire Ujin
Second, The storyline is a bit vague or week...
In the first scene, Vampire Ujin is in a car with a creepy guy. And Ujin seems to kiss him, but all of a sudden, bites the guy's neck, and Ram sees all of it throughout TV.
Dances with Zombies?!
Then Ram wakes up Zombies(according to the news article) using perfum-ish bottle. Zin is in an armory-ish space with two guys,(familiar back up dancers in "I'm missing you") holding some horrible arms.
Zin and boys 
We see D-unit members walk together under the tunnel. and then there's parts that members are dancing with backup dancers, who are familiar to us. You got it?
Each member brings their Zombies or Vampires( Ujin - the creepy guy in the car, Ram - sleeping women on a couch, Zin - Two guys standing behind her in a room) and then dance with them, Is that all??! They seem to have three more backup dancers(one guy, two women) in this song, versus just two male dancers in "I'm missing you." So, overall is it "dances with vampires"?! (Like the movie title dances with Wolves..)
The guy bitten by Ujin wakes up!
Ram is looking at it throughout TV
Then, dance with them

Third, the Dance. D-unit mentioned at an interview that this song's choreography is stronger that "I'm missing you" and on top of that, some sexy, groove feelings are added. Yeah, we can see some dance parts in the MV. those dance moves seem more intense, it's literally kind of 'male dances' as D-unit said. We normally can't see girl group dance like this in K-pop industry.
we also see some sexy moves and Jumping moves. they also said that there's a dance part where it's embarrassing to be captured.(picture capture) but I don't know exactly where it is. I'm just so curious to see the whole dance stage. I hope they release dance version of MV too.
D-unit Ram

So, Overall the song itself isn't stuck in my head exactly, but still sounds good, and I just want to see the whole performance on TV! (MV itself wasn't as good as I thought...)

So, what's your thought about "Luv me"??
D-unit Zin

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D-unit interview - "Luv me" is the last as the original members


D-unit - "Luv me" : This choreography makes us scared about "picture capture"!

K-pop idol - D-unit
Is it one of the dance moves of "Luv me"?! (picture source by SportsChosun)
Below is an English translation of the article! (Source)
D-unit, who is going to come back with a new song "Luv me," raised a laugh while explaining this songs's choreography, saying "There's a point move where we are afraid of 'picture capture'"
D-unit member Ram said, "We placed emphasis on conveying groove feeling rather than powerful like that in the last album. It's actually  more difficult than to move largely. On top of that, We have some jumping moves in it."
Followed by Zin said, "We monitored ourselves after the dance practice, and we are afraid of some dance points that we don't want to be captured by people. (laughing)"
D-unit gave notice of changing into fatal vampires in this new song "Luv me." Especially Ujin plays the central role this time. So it's said that the management company focused the song's concept on Ujin from the start of producing.
D-unit is releasing "Luv me" on this coming November 7th, They kick off performings from 8th!
D-unit : Cute vampires! picture source by SportsChosun

D-unit...Okay, I'm going to capture them...lol
Did you enjoy it? leave comments plz~
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* D-unit's schedule was updated!
2012-11-07 "Arirang TV Simply Kpop" recording
2012-11-08 "Mnet M CountDown"
2012-11-09 "KBS MusicBank"

[K-pop] D-unit "Luv me" teaser review - Zin version


I woke up, checked out K-pop idol D-unit's Youtube page automatically. OMG got it!
Zin version's teaser was released.
Who are the two creepy guys behind you?! and what are those terrible weapons on a desk?!

D-unit Zin : chilling chuckle

Oh, we see those D-unit stickers on the door.
Are they just decorations?!
Zin...so scary with that sting bat..
But somehow it's good with you...
Zin, Your makeup has developed..
hmm?! The guys are very familiar... !!

Yeah..They are D-unit's backup dancers. They were on "I'm missing you" MV too.
Seems like they are appearing on "Luv me" MV as well.
You guys are even acting in this MV? as Zin's devoted henchmen?! lol
You two are almost same style everywhere from toe to head!
It's good with background of the MV though. lol

So...You are in a creepy grey dark room with two creepy guys and horrible weapons.
Are you engaged in arms smuggling or something like that? lol
D-unit mentioned at an interview that Vampire Ram is waking up the Zombies in Ram versions teaser. So considering that, Zin, you are a zombie hunter?!
My expectation of the MV is just getting bigger and bigger!!

* Zin's comment on Me2Day before Zin's teaser wea released
Hello, this is Zin.^^ It's been 8 days today since I pierced my ear! It was hurting though, I'm so satisfied. It's very good since I'm able to show more bling-bling looks on stage♥ Soon my version of teaser comes out! I don't even know what it would be like*_* please wait for that! I Luv U♥
D-unit Zin (from Me2Day)


D-unit Ujin : Behind story of Ujin's short haircut "it's wasn't my intention"

K-pop idol D-unit Ujin
Ujin' has turned into "sexy oppa style"(according to her), and she revealed a secret of it at an interview.
K-pop group D-unit's member Ujin metioned the behind story of her short haircut style.
Ujin aroused curiosity saying "Short hair wasn't something that I intended to do."
"Originally I was thinking of a long hairstyle as a new concept. but then at a hair salon, while I was getting my hair dyed, some of my hair got burned due to the excessive use of a hairdye."
because of that, Ujin couldn't help but cut much of her hair. She said "Since it has come to this, we were like how about just going as a short hairstyle, so I did it. I've done this for the first time in my life though, people around me say that it's good with me. Even thought it wasn't my intention, it somehow helped me try a good concept, so I think I can turn it into advantage."
And then She provoked mirth adding like this "Because of that incident, the hair salon gives me an expensive hair treatment for free every day, it was good as well."
Along with this, Ujin who became the regular member from this album reestablished her determination "I feel so good about that, But I won't loose my tension as a regular member, and do my best to be the best D-unit."
See how it's different
Before      (D-unit Ujin)      After
Wow...Ujin't short hair style wasn't what she intended to do!
Anyway it seems to turn out really well and she's getting a good care at the salon thanks to that.
Actually it's too boyish. I personally prefer her longer, or the former hairstlye though, maybe it's also good to draw female fans.
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Ujin, Comeback to this!!!

[Luv me] D-unit interview - news article "Uniqueness different form common idols, that's D-unit"

As K-pop idol D-unit's comeback with "Luv me" is coming around, they seem to do interviews here and there too. So I pleasantly translated a news article. just excited these days. Enjoy!
Became stronger. D-unit has finshed a preparation for a sortie with unbelievable power as a girl group.
D-unit is a rookie group making a debut with "I'm missing you" back in August. Back then, D-unit's leader Ram brought a spotlight as a younger sister of T-ara Boram. However as D-unit's stage went by They got a reputation of 'talented group' as opposed to 'Boram younger sister's group.'

D-unit's average height is 160cm. But They never wear high-heels on stage. Wearing casual shoes and playing around stage really show their tenacity. Styling themselves with heavy smoky makeups and leather jackets, Their choreography was also very powerful.
Performing a perfect live stage with a tough dance, D-unit gained favor in many people's eyes. That group, D-unit is coming back with a new song "Luv me" on this coming 7th.
Zin : We haven't had a day off after "I'm missing you" album. We have prepared for a new song "Luv me" and had some performances(events) as well. We were just as busy as "I'm missing you" period. Especially There's a lot of moves going on in "Luv me," so we had to always practice to make it any better. We reduced our sleep to make live and dance performances perfect.

While leader Ram leaded stage as a main vocalist in debut performances, in the "Luv me" song, Ujin got picked as a main role. Ujin even gives off her charm as a central role in this MV. Ujin turns into a cute and strong vampire in MV.
Ujin : I became the main role. I feel a little bit burden though, I'll do my best with a responsibility. Ram Unnie who was the main role in the last album, gave me lots of advice. I was told that I could be a main role this time because a lot of fans gave me favorable comments after the "I'm missing you" album. Some fans even sent cute threatening messages saying, 'It's not D-unit without Ujin!'
D-unit gave off strong energy in their style and a new song's vibe, From makeup to outfits and hair style, they seemed to have focused a lot of efforts on making D-unit's unique color.
Ram : We were still strong when we debuted. But I was a little burdensome to think of meeting fans' expectation. However, we have a good styling come out, so we don't think we will let our fans down.
In Ujin's case, she changed into a short cut style. We all added some fundamental colors in our makeup, so overall we put some characteristics.

D-unit chose casual shoes again this time, as opposed to high heels. I asked them if they had any different mindset compared to their debut. Smiling shyly, D-unit said, "We added a little amount of sexiness this time."
Ram : There's no change in our mental attitude. We always brace up our mentality in order not to get distracted. We will maintain it throughout our singing career. I guess that is a good way for both our fans and us. Song-wise, the difference would be that we became a little sexier? When performing "I'm missing you," we were only strong, but this time we have some sexy elements in the choreography and face expressions. We a phrase "You will get to love me" in a lyrics of a new song, it's a proud message like you can't help but love me after all.
D-unit has 5 days to go before the comeback, they're sweating in a practice room today as always.
D-unit showed their desires.
"We practice more than 10hours a day. We want to set difference versus the current idol groups. We confidently say that we are different in quality, but we'll still take much more efforts as reducing our sleep. Reaching the top with a high quality, the day will come, right? We always want to lively build up our own colors without exhaustion."

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[K-pop] D-unit "Luv me" teaser review - Ram version!

K-pop idol D-unit Ram 
When the clock hit 12 o'clok midnight(Nov. 4), I checked K-pop idol D-unit's Youtube page to see if a new teaser was uploaded. Oh, to my surprise we had this Ram version of "Luv me" teaser put on! 30 seconds long...a bit longer than Ujin version.

First impression to the clip: Ram seems like having put on weight a little more than she used to be in "I'm missing you" album. She looks a bit chubbier than her in I'm missing you MV. And that gives me a cute impression. As far as I know the company(probably every company) is very strict about "Diet"( In welcome to D-unit program, - kind of reality program D-unit appeared on - members get checked their weight changes every Monday.) So what I felt might be just what it seems like. Or Ram, you were born to be cute, so you can't hide your cuteness even with this strong makeup!

Ram, very cool

Back to the teaser, Ram is in a pink dark room and there are fluorescent colored reagent bottles on  a desk. (What??!) Is it a lab?!

Ram, What are you happy with??!
She smiles holding one bottle looking like a perfume.(Oh cute) Ram seems to make it from an experiment.

What is that bottle?!
Are you guys dead drunk?!
And we have two poor women passing out or sleeping on a couch.
Ram comes up to them and chuckles behind them, she seems to be satisfied with something. So...Are they kind of test subjects for the bottle that Ram is holding? And It's like a sleeping perfume?! And What is it for?! At the last part of the clip, we hear Ram singing "You gotta luv me!" Are you going to hit on a guy with it who you got a crush on?! And Ram, are you a same species as Ujin? Vampire?

Ram : Chuckle

- Crazy imagination -
Ujin's style is a boyish concept in this album, and on Me2day, Ujin mentioned like "I'm gonna make you guys love me with a sexy OBBA style this time."
D-unit Ram : Chuckle  Chuckle

So the story would be...
D-unit version of "Let me in."
There's a vampire boy Ujin. She needs human bloods to live. but It's not easy to find it. So Ujin needs a person to defend him(Ujin) and convey bloods for him, and that is Ram. So Ram you got these two women sleep by this sleeping perfume and they are sacrifices for Vampire Ujin.
So...Ram and Ujin's heartbroken love story....????!!!!! ( Just imagination..HAHAHA)
Sexy OBBA Ujin...
Or...Ujin...is a boy in this MV and Ram, You got a crush on this chic boy Ujin, So you are going to force Ujin to love you by this perfume or something??!

Anyhow I have a huge expectation of the MV and song. Can't wait!!