[K-pop] D-unit "Luv me" MV review

K-pop idol - D-unit  Ujin
K-pop group D-unit's new song "Luv me" was finally released! 
Did I have a huge expectation?! Actually it didn't exceed my expectation.
First, song-wise, when I first listened to "Luv me," actually nothing special remains in my head. I guess it should've add more catchy melody. The song itself, The hook part is a bit weak.  However when I listened to it several more times, I thought it was good, but still I have doubt if it can appeal to people. In addition, D-unit said that the song is an extension of "I'm missing you," the dark and strong concept? or the lyrics? maybe it's similar in style.
Overall, "Luv me," the song is not bad, it's good, but it doesn't have a strong hook in it.
 Vampire Ujin
Second, The storyline is a bit vague or week...
In the first scene, Vampire Ujin is in a car with a creepy guy. And Ujin seems to kiss him, but all of a sudden, bites the guy's neck, and Ram sees all of it throughout TV.
Dances with Zombies?!
Then Ram wakes up Zombies(according to the news article) using perfum-ish bottle. Zin is in an armory-ish space with two guys,(familiar back up dancers in "I'm missing you") holding some horrible arms.
Zin and boys 
We see D-unit members walk together under the tunnel. and then there's parts that members are dancing with backup dancers, who are familiar to us. You got it?
Each member brings their Zombies or Vampires( Ujin - the creepy guy in the car, Ram - sleeping women on a couch, Zin - Two guys standing behind her in a room) and then dance with them, Is that all??! They seem to have three more backup dancers(one guy, two women) in this song, versus just two male dancers in "I'm missing you." So, overall is it "dances with vampires"?! (Like the movie title dances with Wolves..)
The guy bitten by Ujin wakes up!
Ram is looking at it throughout TV
Then, dance with them

Third, the Dance. D-unit mentioned at an interview that this song's choreography is stronger that "I'm missing you" and on top of that, some sexy, groove feelings are added. Yeah, we can see some dance parts in the MV. those dance moves seem more intense, it's literally kind of 'male dances' as D-unit said. We normally can't see girl group dance like this in K-pop industry.
we also see some sexy moves and Jumping moves. they also said that there's a dance part where it's embarrassing to be captured.(picture capture) but I don't know exactly where it is. I'm just so curious to see the whole dance stage. I hope they release dance version of MV too.
D-unit Ram

So, Overall the song itself isn't stuck in my head exactly, but still sounds good, and I just want to see the whole performance on TV! (MV itself wasn't as good as I thought...)

So, what's your thought about "Luv me"??
D-unit Zin

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