Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen : Pay attention to the music core stage!

K-pop idol - Crayon pop at Myeongdong guerrilla
Crayon pop made it arranging music shows schedules!!
They are appearing on Music Core on this coming Saturday.(11. 10) 
Crayon pop gave notice of the stage on tweeter yesterday. It seems like a staff member's comment.
It says, "Look forward to Crayon pop's Shocking concept of "Dancing Queen" stage on Music core^^ It would be an unprecedented concept ever, and It won't probably exist even in the future^^"

So, I left a comment like this, "What's that? I'm so curious to know! Is it more than the 'Melona' training clothes?!" (Melona - melon colored ice cream bar brand in Korea)
Crayon Pop "Gangnam Style" at Myeongdong guerrilla gig!
And hours later, they answer to it. "Cmon...It's no match for that....."

Wow...so, It seems like they would wear something that we never come up with?!
Whatever we imagine, it would be beyond our imagination?!
I don't know what it would be like... just Getting excited!
Just count D-Hours!!

<Crayon Pop's schedule>
Looking at Crayon Pop's schedule,
This week's Music Bank(11. 09) and Inki Gayo(11. 11) are arranged, but it says "not yet firmly decided."
Music core(11. 10) and next week's Music bank(11. 16) are firmly decided.
Crayon Pop, Let's blow away!

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