D-unit - "Luv me" : This choreography makes us scared about "picture capture"!

K-pop idol - D-unit
Is it one of the dance moves of "Luv me"?! (picture source by SportsChosun)
Below is an English translation of the article! (Source)
D-unit, who is going to come back with a new song "Luv me," raised a laugh while explaining this songs's choreography, saying "There's a point move where we are afraid of 'picture capture'"
D-unit member Ram said, "We placed emphasis on conveying groove feeling rather than powerful like that in the last album. It's actually  more difficult than to move largely. On top of that, We have some jumping moves in it."
Followed by Zin said, "We monitored ourselves after the dance practice, and we are afraid of some dance points that we don't want to be captured by people. (laughing)"
D-unit gave notice of changing into fatal vampires in this new song "Luv me." Especially Ujin plays the central role this time. So it's said that the management company focused the song's concept on Ujin from the start of producing.
D-unit is releasing "Luv me" on this coming November 7th, They kick off performings from 8th!
D-unit : Cute vampires! picture source by SportsChosun

D-unit...Okay, I'm going to capture them...lol
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* D-unit's schedule was updated!
2012-11-07 "Arirang TV Simply Kpop" recording
2012-11-08 "Mnet M CountDown"
2012-11-09 "KBS MusicBank"

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