[K-pop - I'm a singer2] YounHa(윤하) - Distance from the future(먼훗날에)

Hey guys, Here's my K-pop news today.

There's a song stuck in my head recently, especially at night times.
You know what these times are like. Quiet and moody kind of feeling.

Aanyway, I guess I became K-pop singer Younha's(윤하) fan due to this song which she covered at a program, "I am a singer2(나는 가수다)".  She covered "Distance from the future(먼훗날에)" originally sung by Park Jung Woon(박정운) in the early 90's. I think I've watched it over 30 times.

Her voice here has power to attract people's attention. When I first watched it, I was having dinner.From the begining of it, literally I stopped eating and just watched it until the end.

The way she lets out her emotion is just so appealing to me.
It's plain but not bored with listening to it over and over again.

She puts her true emotion in every single word and it just perfectly worked out. Soooo touching!!

At the peak of the song, felt like some impressive tsunami rushed into my mind. Shockingly touched.
It's a shame that she wasn't as popular as she could be. She definitely deserves much more recognition.

* YounHa(윤하) - Distance from the future(먼훗날에)

* Here's the Orriginal song.

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