[K-pop] Comeback D-unit!! Guess what would it be like?!

Surprise!! D-unit's new photograph is shown today. It seems to be their next album's jacket. Here we see the words "Luv me" in red color with black background. And 4 sword are crossed each other in 4 directions like 'X' around the words "Luv me." On top of that, D-Business left a comment saying, "D-UNIT "Luv me' 2012-11-07." From this, we could guess that the date of D-unit's comeback is going to be on November 7th!

D-unit's official blog : http://dbusinessent.tumblr.com/

We can also catch some glimpses of their next album.
Earlier, D-unit showed new profile pictures of them. It's very different from before, which is dark, powerful female-hiphop-warrior feeling. Whereas, their latest photos are very contrasting. they appear to turn into more of girly concept here. Being more feminine.
So from the words "Luv me" and their latest photos, we can extract some thought about the concept of D-unit's next album.

D-unit's new profile images, emphsizing the femininity
Briefly, I think they'll be coming back with some extent of feminine aspects
At first sight, D-unit's overall feeling toward next album is likely to be "girls". The words "Luv me" could be either their title song or next album's title. Or Both. 
You know, Fall has come around, It's becoming more and more chilly nowadays. In that way, I guess The title song(maybe "Luv me") would be sort of up-tempo electro hiphop with a ballad flavor. the lyrics might be about a girl getting a crush on a guy. Furthermore, they may put some warm and melting R&B ballads in the album.
However, considering the swords in the new picture, they seem to keep up some extent of strong image. Also, they will still stick to the sneakers so that they could show their powerful dance.
I know D-unit is the team who can show us a lot. I personally want them to stick to the hiphop warrior style for a while. But, for sure, in this comeback they may show us a different aspect of them. 
My ideal scenario for this coming album is like this.
They make a comeback with a powerful style's song first and then try out the girly concept as a follow-up song like B.A.P did. I think it did work out so well for them. When I watched B.A.P's bright concept, It was pretty much new and fresh.

Yeah I have a huge expectation of this album!!!!
What do you think about this? Leave comments and share the ideas!

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