[K-pop - SuperStar K4] TOP12 : Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) - "It's Art" by psy

As usual, We have "superstar k4" coming out this year and getting spotlight every week. It's basically Korean version of "American Idol," Now Top12 got chosen, and last week(2012-10-12) they competed at the first live show.

Of the candidates, I think, Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성), is the best vocalist as well as the most experienced one. He was already appreciated well in online, since he's been singing as an online singer. so he also has some fanbase. But, he didn't get the chance to be a major singer. I guess this show set up the foothold for it, because his vocal is just amazing and his voice color is something that koreans love so much! It's Korean style! Especially his vocal stands out when he sings ballads. which reminds me of someone, who is the winner of "SuperStar K2," HuhGak(허각). They have some similarities.

So I think Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) is one of the prospective winner of this season. He's very well prepared and has a lot to show. What's left for him is just show off his talent and blow us away!

At the first live show of TOP12, He sang globally emerging star, Psy's song called "It's Art(예술이야)." This episode's subject was "first love," and He chose this song for his wife. The lyrics is expressing a guy's infinite love for his lover. Basically saying,"This moment, being you and I together, is Art."  Yeah "It's Art" was dedicated to his wife.

In the beginning of the song, He comes up out of the stage's floor, and then He shouts as pointing at his wife in the audience seat. That scene just gave me goosebumps, at the same time, got me teary-eyed without proper reason. Camera was shooting her throughout the show, her eyes were watery and because of the show's meaning, it was twice as impressive. It was a great stage with great lyrics and the story behind the song, and not to mention his fabulous singing. He sang it genuinely at heart.

He made it delivering a knock-out punch to the public, and it will continue throughout the rest of "Superster K4" He's definitely eligible for the public's love. Wish him all the luck!

* Sadly, I couldn't find out his "It's Art" clip. Only found out audio file.

* When Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) was singing in online.

* SuperStar K4 Rival match : Yeon Gyu Sung(연규성) & Hong Dae Kwang(홍대광) - Jasmin(말리꽃)


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