[K-pop song recommendation] Jaurim(자우림) - 17171771 (English translation)

Hello, this is Johnny. Today I have a  K-pop song recommendation for you guys.
I highly recommend this song, Jaurim's(자우림) 17171771. this song is in Jaurim's 5th album, "All You Need Is Love." This song is just sooooo sweet, and makes you feel happy and calm!

Before going into the song, Do you know the meaning of "17171771"?
It means "I Love You." Actually it's like a code-breaking. So see how it becomes the words.

Let's turn the numbers "17171771" a 180-degree, and then it becomes like this "ILLILILI"
and here, make some blanks between some words. It goes like this. "I L LI LI LI"
Now, it becomes. "I LUV U" Got it?!

Briefly, This is how "17171771" turns into "I LUV U"
17171771 -> ILLILILI -> I LLILI LI -> "I LUV U"

Yeah, this is a very sweet love song with cute lyrics and Kim Yuna‘s(김윤아) angelic voice.
Here's my english translation of the lyrics

K-pop : Band Jaurim

Jaunrim(자우림) - 17171771

Like an angel's smile,
Like birds' singing,
I like this much adorable you.
Come right to me,
stay with me forever.
When we are together,
I'm not afraid of anything.
The only one in the world, You.
Maybe I wan born in this world to meet you.
We might have loved each other in an unknown faraway star. 
Like sunshine in May,
Like the sky in October,
I like you unbearably.
Come right to me,
You feel it too,
that the sorrow has already gone away.
Sometimes at night in a heavy storm,
when devils from a star try to separate us,
Just sitting face to face quietly,
holding each other's hands,
we think of a sweet paradise.
The wind has faded away,
black clouds has disappeared,
Sunshine is smiling warmly.
When we are together,
I'm not afraid of anything,
devils, hell, and dark fate.
Like a baby's skin,
Like a little girl's scent,
I like you unbearably.
Come right to me.
We know it all,
that we were born for each other.
Like an angel's smile,
like birds' singing,
I like this much adorable you...
* Jaurim(자우림) - 17171771 LIVE


  1. I really love this song... I discovered it recently and I got obsessed, it is just as sweet as it sounds!!!

  2. I also love 자우림. 김윤아's voice range is extraordinary! One thing, though. You cannot say that 자우림 is a K-pop band. They have been around for more than 21 years and are still going strong. I believe it is an insult to 자우림 to say they are a K-pop band... definitely not in the same class... like apples and oranges. I would love to see 자우림 come to America for a tour.