[K-pop] Song crush : Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen!!!

 K-pop idol Crayon pop
OMG, Today, I watched the Music Bank, and the opening act was really shocking!
What I saw was this weird looking 5 girls doing dances to the disco rhythm in orange sweatsuits! I was literally speechless for a while.....HAHAHA
  K-pop idol Crayon pop
Then I began to search for them. The group was "crayon pop," which I didn't know at the moment. They debuted with the song 'Saturday night' in July of this year. 'Saturday night' was also disco type's song. And this time, they came out with this digital single "Dancing queen."
Okay back to the stage.
At first, I was a little bit embarrassed about their outfits. This GIRL GROUP was wearing this weird orange colored sweatsuits! So much stuffs there captured my attention. I didn't even know how the time passed throughout the performance.
I don't know if it's because of PSY's taking off globally, some singers in K-pop industry are coming out with some funny concept nowadays. and "crayon pop" is one of them, I think. To my surprise, one of the Crayon pop's producers used to be in a group that Psy produced before.
Personally, they seem to make it capturing people's attention. It's really hilarious but pretty much well-made. Their song, outfit and dance moves are really fun to watch. And when you go into the song, those three elements are well mixed with each other.
  K-pop idol Crayon pop - Dancing queen
Let's see the three factors that captured me and how they are related.
First, I liked their disco typed song. The song is quite catchy. the genre is disco. Where can we usually hear this sound? yeah, it's club. the song's name is also "dancing queen."
Second, I loved their dance. What I noticed about their dance is that we can see this kind of moves in KOREAN CLUB!
I used to a club freak!! I still love it though. Anyhow, their dances are often seen in korean clubs. Usually girls do those moves. Yeah it looks funny, but at the same time cute and feel like you want to follow them.
Third, their outfit. sweatsuit...as a girl group. Yeah I was quite speechless at first I saw it. but I could realized that it was so fit with the lyrics!
It's about a girl dancing alone in the moonlight on Friday night.
Yeah, she has nothing to do during the weekend and no one contacts her. She is bored to die at this Friday night. she may be eager to go to club now!! but she can't..because she has nobody to go with. so She dances alone in the moonlight! How funny is it! and everythig they came out with is to do with this lyrics. She is all alone at home so she is wearing this casual clothes and do those club dances alone in the moonlight!
Overall, they were fantastically hilarious with those sweatsuits.
I give props to them when it comes to the outfit! They break out one of the gril group's regular molds...cute or sexy outfits...
I'm going to keep on watching "crayon pop!!"
Watch the clip!


  1. They had another debut song: Bing Bing which is great too. I really love this song too and I love the concept. Your explanation makes so much sense! Thank you!

    1. Yeah Thank you for that! I love this concept so much too!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, I love them too! thank you for the comment!

  3. They're so fresh!!
    This choreo is amazing, it just makes me smile and dance along haha
    Love this song too! And the outfits! It's perfectly match with the dance too!

    1. I love those moves too. this concept is sooo charming!!! hahaha

  4. They have talent,originality, & I really enjoy watching their videos. They make me smile & wanna move. Don't stop.