[K-pop] D-unit comeback with "Luv me" on November 7th!!

Hello guys...Oh.....my..Gosh....
Today... around noon, a new article about D-unit was released. It seems like D-unit's company D-business handed out the press release. I was literally so thrilled seeing it. So I translated those articles with the full of joy.Here's the English translation of the articles.

Women trio "D-unit" is coming back with new album on November 7th.
D-unit, who released a full-length album as a debut album, they will perform their second album activity after the first album, "Welcome to Business" released on August.

Their new song "Luv me" is a genre of a song mixing rock with hiphop. D-unit is going to show more powerful beats and vocals than the debut song, "I'm missing you." This album's concept is the extension of "I'm missing you," They worked on it making a difference from the existing idol groups.

While D-unit was performing with "I'm missing you," leader Ram was the center of the team, In this album, they are going to perform with Ujin as a center. So, When they were working on "Luv me," Ujin's thoughts and colors were reflected in it as much as possible. As a result, Ujin's attraction is well revealed in the song.

Before the release of new album, now D-unit has done filming a music video, and teaser clip of the second album is going to be shown on November 1th.

I'm just so excited about it. Especially according to the press release, their next album's feeling would be similar to the first album, but become more stronger than before. You know, that's what I exactly wanted to see from them!! I'm soooo curious what their stage performance would be like!!
And, Ujin is going to be the center of this activity, that's one more point of this album. just can't wait to see them now.....!!!

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