[Dancing queen] Crayon Pop got rejected for music programs?!

 K-pop idol Crayon pop

Here's an emerging K-pop idol, Crayon pop!
I watched a clip of Crayon Pop named "크레용팝 게릴라 메이킹(Crayon Pop guerrilla making)" It was a making film of their guerrilla performance on streets. According to some articles, they performed at some major areas in Seoul on Oct. 26, 30, 31. In the clip, Crayon Pop is wearing exactly same outfits as in Music bank.
the articles says, "We started this guerrilla performance because we wanted to share Crayon Pop's cheerful 'Dancing queen' stage more closely with people.' I thought it was a good idea.

I got to know a shocking fact throughout the clip's subtitle...It say "We got dumped by This week's Music Bank, Music core, InkiGayo all, So we should do something else...."
It means they didn't make it the chances of being on music shows, so the producer(maybe) in the picture was smoking with anxiety thinking about what they would do next week....
There's no music programs scheduled for Crayon Pop this week!!

 started "Dancing queen" performance...
expected it though...Crowd responded like "What?"

In this point, I was quite shocked. You know, I was waiting for Crayon Pop appearing on some other music shows ever since they were on last Friday's Music bank. However somehow I couldn't see them anywhere on TV. Crayon Pop was literally missing on TV and I just woindered why! And...this clip,,,gave me the answer. It is a sad story..
Here, we could think how important the management company's power is.

Cheer up!

As you know, nowadays there are outpouring of new groups spring up like mushrooms. Considering this fact, Getting the ticket for the music programs is very, very, veeeeery tough. It would probably like a war. To my sorrow, I don't want to admit this fact though, Crayon Pop dropped out of this week's race...

Gearing up..

You know?! Crayon Pop has this great song, "Dancing queen", dance and concept. All that's left for them it just go sing and dance their butt of, and let people know who Crayon Pop is!
Solitary dance
This is the most important thing to do as a rookie group. They need to be exposed on Tv as much as possible. But..they have no stage for that. I'm just so sorry to see it.
In this clip, members are just so bright, enjoying and energetic. Somehow it makes me more sad.

Dumb and Dumber(Producers' nickname)

You know, they really deserve much more recognition. I'm afraid they might stop promotion. NO!
I sincerely hope they can be on music programs as early as possible.
I believe all your efforts now will pay off soon...Go Crayon pop!
Lv. 88 Killer move

 Crayon Pop twitter says(Nov. 2) : today we are going on a picnic to the subway stations...line 2 transfer gogo~~~>_<  (guerrilla)


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  1. I'm actually rooting for them! I think they have a refreshing concept and they are great dancers with room to evolve vocally. I'm always pluging them, whenever I can!

    1. Yeah, I'm rooting for them as well. their style is pretty much unique. they are coming out with sth that we didn't expect. Their dance move are really different from those of other K-pop groups. Their basic concept is comic dance, which I liked. It's kinda blue ocean. I want them to stick to this concept, not the sexy concept. vocal-wise, yeahsome of member need the improvement!!

  2. Anonymous12/9/13 16:00

    They made it. Congrats to crayon pop

  3. Anonymous12/9/13 16:00

    They made it. Congrats to crayon pop